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Are you using your iPhone to shoot marketing videos for your small business?

Good! Keep it up!

To help you take those videos from good to great, let me share with you these 7 quick tips.

How To Shoot Great Marketing Videos With Your Phone

1. Hold Your Phone Steady Or Use A Stand

When it comes to a marketing video, we have to do everything we can to eliminate distractions.

Our audience has so many screens and content vying for their attention. If our video is painful to watch, they will move on.

One major distraction when watching a talking head video is when the picture is shaky.

You have probably seen this on Facebook or LinkedIn. I know I have.

Someone is recording a video on their phone, and you would like to continue watching, but the shaky camera convinces you otherwise.

It’s tough to hold a phone steady while you’re recording a video and concentrating on your message.

That’s why I suggest using a tripod. There are many options for tripods made for phones available on Amazon.

One I like is this one:

Phone tripod, UBeesize Portable and Adjustable Camera Stand Holder with Remote and Universal Clip for iPhone, Android Phone, Camera, Sports Camera GoPro

This tripod has the bendable legs which areĀ great for shooting anywhere. You can literally wrap the legs around a post or a tree branch and record a video almost anywhere.

If you don’t need to be quite as mobile with your tripod, I recommend the link below:

Heavy Duty Tripod, UBeesize Phone and Camera Tabletop Mini Tripod with Cell Phone Clip Holder for iPhone, Smartphones, Gopro, Webcams, Compact Cameras and DSLRs

This tripod is extremely affordable and has a heavy duty build that will last. Not bad for only $12!

2. Think About The Background

The background of your video can be another potential distraction for your viewer.

Before you hit record, take a look at your screen and check what shows behind you.

Is there a crooked picture hanging on the wall? (Believe me, this seems petty, but it will bother people)

Do you have control of the background?

What I mean by that is, do you feel confident nothing distracting will suddenly appear in the middle of your video.

For instance, a lot of people film videos in public places. That’s perfectly fine, just be aware of your surroundings.

Ever heard of a photobomb?

There’s nothing worse than concentrating really hard for 10-15 minutes to create a really great video for your brand only to discover somebody decided to be a jerk.

3. Work Your Angles

Brandon Windsor Aro Content How To Shoot Better Marketing Videos With Your Phone

Find your “good side”.

I don’t want to come across as sexist, but most women really know how to work their angles on camera.

Guys, in my experience, not so much.

If this is an area you are unsure of, get some advice from someone who takes lots of selfies.

Remember, it’s all about eliminating distractions for the viewer.

Sometimes the angle we choose to shoot is not the best.

If you shoot too low, the viewer is looking up your nose. If you shoot too high, the viewer is probably spending more time wondering where you hung the camera than what you’re talking about.

Put the camera in front of your face level with your height and then slightly rotate your body.

Some people look better showing a little more on their left side, others it’s the right.

Experiment until you find the right one for you.

4. Think About The Lighting

Lighting can be very tricky, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Indoor fluorescent lighting in general looks terrible on video.

Most phone cameras can adjust to the lighting and make the image decent, but for my money natural light is always better.

Natural light has a very clean, pure look on video. Fluorescent lighting has more of a yellow cast to it which, again, is okay, but not ideal.

I suggest positioning yourself next to a window or glass door. Be sure you are facing the light coming in the window. Don’t put your back to it.

Putting your back to the light causes you to be backlit, which means the camera will show the light coming in the window and put a shadow on your face.

You may need to experiment a little to find the ideal amount of light through the window; it is possible to overdo it.

5. Think About The Audio

Videos are a multi-sensory experience. That’s part of the reason they are so useful as a marketing tool.

Considering that, don’t forget to try and maximize the audio in your video.

Going back to the outdoor example, I would urge you to be very careful.

I have recorded many videos on my phone outdoors over the years that I was excited to playback. When I did, I was extremely disappointed.

Wind is your enemy. Depending on how windy it is that day and where you are positioned, your perfectly delivered video may be useless.

Microphones on cell phones don’t have enough wind canceling ability built into them. If there is a strong crosswind, it will blow right into your mic and cause your audio to be unlistenable.

I try to stay indoors to shoot video as much as I possibly can.

Speaking of audio indoors, stay away from the bathroom or other rooms with bare floors. They generally have to much room echo, and you won’t get the best vocal quality possible.

Pick a room with carpeting, furniture, and things hanging on the walls to absorb the sound of your voice and reduce echo.

6. Hold The Phone The Right Way

Brandon Windsor Aro Content How To Shoot Better Marketing Videos With Your Phone

Hold your phone horizontally for Youtube, Vimeo, or regular Facebook video posts.

Decide which social media platform or platforms you are going to post your video to before you shoot.

If you are posting to Facebook stories, Instagram, or Snapchat, holding your phone vertically will work fine.

Don’t hold your phone vertically if you are posting to Youtube, Vimeo, or a regular Facebook post.

You want to make sure the video looks the best where it is posted.

Posting a vertical video on Youtube, for instance, causes it to display with ugly black space on both sides.

In other words, the actual video of you will be relatively small (roughly one-third of the screen) and the majority of the player will show nothing but black.

This is not a good look and can actually be a distraction to the viewer.

7. Use A Simple Editor to Fix The Ends

The beginning and the end of your video matter. It’s the whole first impression/last impression thing.

Keeping that in mind, if you post a video with you fumbling with the phone to start or stop the recording that’s not good.

Luckily, if you have an iPhone, you can fix the ends of the video quickly and easily.

  1. Go to your photos/video section and look at your video.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see “Edit”
  3. After clicking on Edit you will see your videos timeline with a black border
  4. Press down on one of the ends and drag
  5. The timeline turns yellow
  6. Adjust the yellow timeline until your video begins and ends where you want it
  7. Click “Done” and you’re done

That’s it! Now you have edited your video to begin where you start talking and to end when you’re finished.

Got Questions?

Did I cover what you need? Is there something I left out? Let me know in the comments!

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